At SideWok, we pride ourselves not only on our exquisite culinary offerings but also on our exceptional team and management, which has been our backbone since its inception in 2007.

Our team at SideWok boasts of highly skilled and passionate individuals who share a common love for Asian flavours and gastronomy. 

In our kitchen, we have a team of experienced chefs, each specializing in different Asian cuisines, including Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and more. Their culinary expertise, combined with a deep understanding of authentic flavours and ingredients, allows us to craft dishes that are a true reflection of Asian culinary traditions.

Food at Sidewok

Sidewok, over the years has earned a spot as one of the most popular dining destinations, known for its delicious and diverse Asian cuisine.

The restaurant offers a wide array of dishes representing various flavors from across the Asian continent.

The food at Sidewok is flavorful, well-presented, and authentic. The restaurant takes pride in using fresh ingredients and traditional cooking techniques to deliver an exceptional dining experience.

From the traditional Kung Pao Chicken, Thai Green Curry, Pad Thai to the signature dishes like the Chicken Aniseed, Fish In Piquant Sauce and the pan-fried noodles. The menu caters to a diverse palate. 

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